A Little Slice of Heaven

Welcome to El Paso Bakery! We’re passionate about delicious, rich, decadent cakes, pastries, and desserts. And while we understand that cake isn’t one of the main food groups, we like to think it’s an essential part of any happy occasion. Because dessert makes people smile!

We take pride in our signature tres leches batter. Never had tres leches before? One bite and you’ll be convinced! The term is derived from the Spanish “torta de tres leches” which translates as “three milk cake.” It is a sponge cake that is soaked in three different kinds of milk – evaporated milk, condensed milk, and thick cream. Now you may think that being soaked in all of this would result in a soggy creation, but nothing could be further from the truth. A sponge cake is full of air bubbles that absorb and retain the milky goodness.

Delicious! And we haven’t even started yet! We then set to work layering in delicious whipped creams and fruits, or additional layers of sponge and chocolate. Polish the cake with more cream and add a dash of coconut to finish it off, and you have a traditional and mouth-watering tres leches.

Tres leches is just one of the many different kinds of cakes that we can create at El Paso Bakery. Try our chocolate or red velvet cakes for rich, sultry evenings – or our fruit and lemon cakes for afternoon parties.

Speaking of parties, no party – especially in the Washington, DC metro area – is complete without a decorated cake. We create cakes so beautiful, that if it weren’t for the tasty goodness inside, you’d feel guilty slicing through it! We carry hundreds of designs, featuring the latest in cartoons, super heroes, and sports. No matter the occasion, El Paso Bakery will rise to it. So if your daughter is graduating, or your son is turning 12, or you’re celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary, we have a cake perfect for you.

Did we say wedding? We love to be a part of your special day! If you’re interested in having us create a spectacular cake for your reception or after-party, we’d be honored. We deliver cakes all over the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland area – we’ve even driven our cakes up to New York for a happy couple’s special day. Our cakes are that great! Two, three, or four tiers? Bring it on.

Sometimes, you’re looking for just a little touch of sweetness. When that craving hits, try one of our buttery, flaky, and traditional pastries. We bake an incredible selection of pastries – try one, buy a dozen, or mix-and-match an assortment of tempting goodies for your next dinner or occasion!

So grab a cake or pastry from El Paso Bakery today! Get in contact to discuss your requirements, or find the perfect cake from our catalogue. It will be our pleasure to create a little slice of heaven for you.